How can we distinguish between a person’s reputation and his character? On this edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with pastor, lawyer, and novelist Randy Singer. We unpack the themes from his novel, Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales, of trust, loyalty, restoration, and redemption through Christ.

What can we learn from the story of Landon Reed, a football player who’s given a second chance at life after spending time in prison for a point-shaving scheme? Randy explains the dynamics of Landon’s post-prison life and marriage.

“You’re trying to balance all these things, work on a marriage… there’s a lot of it that’s captured in this story.” Randy urges us to prioritize – there are “glass balls” in our lives and “rubber balls.”

Make sure the glass balls – marriage, family, and faith – are juggled most carefully, and the rubber balls – our career, our material things – are handled in a different way. With our world getting faster and faster, it’s too easy to work under the tyranny of the urgent. Remember what God values, and put those things first in your day.

What about our fear of man in the process of redemption?

“As long as we’re worried about what people are going to think about us, we tend to act timidly. In the gospels, it says Jesus refused to give His heart to men because He knew what was in the hearts of men. There’s a little thing called the litany of humility – Jesus, deliver me from the desire of being loved by men, from the desire of being honored and praised. Deliver me from the fear of being humiliated and despised.”

When we know we’re called and named by God, we can focus on His work in our lives and ignore the taunts, judgment, and even overwhelming praise of others.

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 3:20-21; Micah 6:8

Theme Song: Press On by Building 429

Highlight : Overcoming failure and the fear of man

Novel talk: Dead lawyers tell no tales

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