How can Christian women sustain their passion for deeper understanding while studying the bible? Jo asks author and speaker Jen Wilkin about her book . We gain valuable insights on how to engage your studying time in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart – on this edition of Connecting Faith.

We start out with a discussion of the often-heard roadblocks to reading our Bibles:

Not knowing where to begin studying the Bible & to those

Not having adequate time to dig into God’s word?

Jen wanted to explore the unique power of gathering together to study the Bible, and to equip others to approach their study in a thoughtful way.

How can we distinguish between our hearts and our minds? We take a glance at the call in Romans 12 to “renew our minds”, noting that the instruction isn’t one made to the heart. Our desires are reshaped for the better once our minds understand our new priorities.

We take a step back and consider what studying the Bible might have to do with playing the violin! When we undertake something in an attempt to master it, there are disciplines we need to master. So too, when we seek to become Jesus’ disciples, we need to dedicate ourselves to disciplines that draw us closer to Him – like studying His word.

Jen shares 5 P’s for our Bible studying efforts:

• Study with Purpose
• Study with Perspective
• Study with Patience
• Study with Process
• Study with Prayer

Highlight: First things first

A new approach to studying God’s word

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