Some people are fearing and believing that domestic terrorism at abortion clinics is on the rise. Kim Ketola reviews the facts and articles that prove that this isn’t true.

 “Overall clinic violence is way down.”

In the immediate aftermath of the undercover videos from this summer that the Center for Medical Progress released exposing Planned Parenthood’s practices with fetal remains, there were four arson fires at abortion facilities. Some of them, though, weren’t actually at an abortion facility, and none of them were terrorist-like shootings. There was no loss of life. These facts need to be remembered.

The Colorado Springs incident was the first loss of life anywhere near an abortion facility since the mid-2000s when George Tiller was killed for being an abortion provider. However, his murder wasn’t at an abortion facility; it was in his church in Kansas City.

Context with these stories is vital. 

“It’s very hard to put it in context if there’s an unbiased source that cannot be found… if you’re only reading biased reporting on this, it’s going to be really difficult to have it come clear for you in your vision and as you’re forming your opinion about it.”

Kim encourages us to do research and look at multiple sources to find the truth. Additionally, we must speak up to demand the truth, and once we find it we must tell others about it.

“If God has impressed upon you that the unborn are fully human, as embryology and philosophy will tell you, as we make the case for life, it’s so important that you be able to stand for that.”

“It’s so important that you speak up and have that difficult conversation, and I understand that there’s a fear that we’re going to be alienating people that we know will disagree. There’s a fear that we’ll never come together in agreement, so why bring this up?”

“There are all kinds of barriers to go against speaking up and speaking out, but speak up we must. Because if the media won’t tell the true story then we’ve got to do it, and we’ve got to do with excellence; we’ve got to do it with credibility.”

The lives lost at the abortion clinics everyday – the lives of the babies who will never get a chance to experience life outside their mothers’ wombs – don’t have a voice to speak up for themselves. We must use our voice to find the truth and to spread it. It’s our duty to these unborn children to fight for their rights and fight to have the truth spread in the media. Let’s raise our voice and be heard. Because if we don’t, who will?

Highlight – We must speak up

We must speak up

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