Women in the Muslim world can be very isolated. How can we reach them with the gospel?

On this edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined by television host Amani Mustafa, who shares her amazing testimony, flight from Egypt, and weekly outreach program aimed at Muslim women.

Amani grew up in a Muslim family, but her faith was rocked when her own mother became a Christian. Amani set out to disprove the Bible and, at age fourteen, saw the truth of Jesus in the gospel of John.

“I knew in my heart that there was nothing I could do to come close to that God. When I saw Jesus speaking to the woman caught in adultery, as He turned to her and asked her where her accusers were – He looked at her and told her, ‘Go and sin no more,’ it was my face, not hers.”

Amani married a Muslim man, who allowed her to practice her faith and go to church until their children were born. From then on, she was veiled, forbidden to attend church, and eventually fled Egypt with her children.

Amani offers her unique perspective on the life of a Muslim:

On faith and persecution:

“Go face to face with the world with the promises of God. Persecution is an honor. The church is being persecuted and crushed because God is bringing an awakening to the church.”

On the mindset of Muslims:

“Muslim people by nature are seeking God. They are trained well that there is a God but they don’t know the true God.”

On the movement of Muslims to Christ at this point in history:

“Now, today, we can go into their homes into the comfort zone of their bedrooms and their cell phones and iPads and speak the truth of the gospel. We need to speak the truth about Islam also – if you want to sell me something, why would I buy what’s in your hand if I think that what I have in my hand is much better?”

Amani says Muslim women suffer oppression in many ways. They are told, “You are more evil than Satan; illogical, shallow, property.” In many countries they are forced to marry at a young age and are kept at home. How can we reach them? Amani points to technology as the avenue to use. Amani’s television show, The Muslim Woman, reaches millions of homes each week with the message of Jesus and the hope that He offers.

“They are listening, watching, taking action.”

Key Scriptures: Philippians 1:21; John 16:1-3

Theme Song: We Must Not by Selah

Highlight : Amani’s flight from Egypt

The Muslim woman

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