Do we really believe that God can use our moments of greatest disappointment to lead us to even greater things he has in store?

Minnesota boy Tom Johnson found his wildest dream come true when he made it to the big leagues as a Major League Baseball pitcher for his hometown Minnesota Twins.

After posting an outstanding season in 1977, Tom understandably looked forward hopefully to a long career in baseball. Then came a devastating injury, and an early exit from the game.

Tom’s faith, and that of his young family, was tested. Yet God had much more in store than they could imagine.

Next up was a career in ministry, where Tom found himself in varying roles in Florida & Minnesota. Then his outreach work at the Twin Cities’ Church of the Open Door led him to discover an outreach to the kids of Bratislava, Slovakia. And God led Tom and his wife to pack up and move across the Atlantic Ocean. There Tom can be found today, ministering full time at the GoodSports Youth Center. Each day finds him combining his love of baseball and his love of God as he reaches out to the young people of Bratislava.

It’s a truly remarkable trek On the Road! What does it feel like to trot onto a Major League mound and face the best hitters in the American League? How does your faith sustain you when injury forces you to walk away from your dream? What’s the mission of GoodSports International? And how can we help the great work being done in Slovakia. Answers to these questions and many more on this latest edition of On the Road.

Highlight: Finding our purpose

From the mound to a mission with Tom Johnson

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