Christians in more than 60 countries are facing persecution because of their belief in Jesus Christ.

Each month 322 Christians are killed for their faith, 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed, and there are 722 forms of violence committed against Christians.*

But they are not alone.

August’s Ministry Spotlight is on Open Doors.

Open Doors works to empower and equip Christians who are persecuted through training, relief and support. They distribute Bibles, restore communities, rebuild churches and so much more.

How can we pray?

The number 1 request from Christians facing persecution is for prayer.

Open Doors is specifically asking for prayers for Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Many of whom have lost everything, don’t know when they will return home and are struggling to simply feed their families.

Open Doors offers a Weekly Prayer Alert that outlines the up to date and urgent prayer needs from persecuted Christians. Subscribe for the weekly prayer alerts

How can you get involved? 

Be a voice. Your words can bring encouragement and remind persecuted Christians that they are not alone. Through Open Doors, you can write letters to those who are in prison and other suffering believers. Learn more about writing to persecuted Christians

More and more Iraqi and Syrian Christians are being displaced each month, and many do not have access to food. For just $50, you can feed a family who has been displaced by ISIS for an entire month. Donate

Get Connected

Visit Open Door’s website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

What is Ministry Spotlight?
Every month, we take a moment to shine the spotlight on a ministry that is serving our communities and sharing the Gospel. Think of it as a virtual high five. These ministries are going above and beyond to serve our communities, share the Gospel and spread love. This is our way of saying thanks and offering a hand of help and prayer.

*Open Doors