Hope. They don’t sell it in stores, but it can be a valuable resource, especially for those in desperate situations. 14.5% of Americans live below the poverty line. That is over 90,000 people in Minnesota alone. There are individuals and families in our communities in need of food, healthcare, education and job support.

They also need hope and that hope starts here in our city, our community and our neighborhoods.

July’s Ministry Spotlight is on Convoy of Hope.

The Convoy of Hope is just the beginning of a long-lasting movement that has the power to transform people’s lives, inspire compassion and service, and bring people and organizations together like never before. They are collaborating with churches and volunteers to bring hope to our cities through free groceries, health screenings, job services, family portraits, haircuts, prayer, activities for children and more.

“Our goal is to get local agencies in these cities working together to create a moment that becomes a movement of compassion in the city,” says Michael Redmon, vice president of Community Events. “Working closely with local churches and organizations is vital to ensuring the work we launch during the event continues long after we leave.”

Help us utilize this moment to spark the movement of compassion in our region.

How can we pray?

Transformation in our community & the lives of individuals, restoration of hope & dignity, and lasting partnerships.

How can you get involved? 
For those in or around the Twin Cities, Convoy of Hope is hosting an event August 1st. Convoy of Hope – Twin Cities is engaging churches, civic organizations, schools and public servants at all levels of government to bring hope. 10,000 + of the Twin Cities most in need will gather at Spring Lake Park High School for a day in which they can receive free food, health advice and screenings, family portraits, hair cuts, advice on job skills and prayer. Convoy of Hope is looking for 1500 Volunteers to help spread the word and bring hope.

Outside of the Twin Cities? Visit Convoy of Hope’s Website to see if there are events in your area, plan a short term missions trip to volunteer at Convoy of Hope – Twin Cities or consider donating to provide haircut vouchers for free haircuts for kids going back to school and adults applying for jobs.

Get Connected

Visit Convoy of Hope’s website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

What is Ministry Spotlight?
Every month, we take a moment to shine the spotlight on a ministry that is serving our communities and sharing the Gospel. Think of it as a virtual high five. These ministries are going above and beyond to serve our communities, share the Gospel and spread love. This is our way of saying thanks and offering a hand of help and prayer.

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