What is the truth behind real and meaningful ministry?

Jennie Allen‘s answer may surprise you.

Ministry can cause suffering 

We experience suffering every day, even in ministry. Jennie has learned to embrace suffering in ministry and view it as a gift from God.

“I would attach myself to the successes that God has given me for His glory if I weren’t also being beat down by them.”

Even when she isn’t experiencing suffering, Jennie constantly reminds herself to question whether her ministry is for God’s glory and the benefit of others, or for herself.

Is bigger always better?

Many people mistakenly believe that the best ministries are the ones that are the biggest and reach the most people.

Even though Jennie actively pursues ministry on a grand scale, she says that this kind of ministry isn’t necessarily the most important.

“I don’t sit around and think to myself, you know this is the pinnacle of ministry. It’s in my home, it’s to my kids, it’s in my church, it’s the way I love and serve those around me.”

The most important ministry we do is often in the places that are hidden from the rest of the world.

“I try to keep those places that nobody sees, I try to keep those places where I’m a nobody, places where nobody cares about my gifts, because I believe that through those places I’m keeping my heart pure.”

Jennie values the positive impact she has when no one is watching, because God is always watching. She isn’t bothered by her experiences of suffering and feelings of invisibility at times; she views them as a gift because they help her stay grounded.

“I don’t have this belief that bigger is better, the key isn’t small or big, it’s just holding it all loosely.”

As Christians, it is important for us to avoid becoming too attached to anything on this earth, even a ministry, or else we run the risk of succumbing to idolatry.

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 9:10

Featured Songs: Soldier On by Sidewalk Prophets; Move (Keep Walkin’) by Toby Mac; World Changers by Matthew West

Highlight : Meaningful ministry

Trusting God’s training process

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