How can we as a nation wake up to God’s call and anticipate Jesus’ return? Listen as Susie speaks with Anne Graham Lotz about the need for watchfulness as the times get darker. We also mention a prayer initiative that took place during the month of May.

Anne Graham Lotz said it best; wake up, America!

Hurricane Katrina was a resounding wake-up call not just to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, but to the entire nation.  Wake up, America!
Disaster can strike at any moment.
Your unprecedented prosperity, your advanced technology, your shock and awe military do not guarantee you immunity from death, disease, despair, and sudden devastation.
God’s past blessings do not mean that He will keep you safe at present or in the future.
Your hope is not in the local or state or federal government.
Your hope is in the Lord alone. With all your know-how and your go-to-it innovative creative ideas, you cannot predict your future or secure your future.
God holds your future and you need to get right with Him.

And we really can, without even realizing it, rest on our past laurels.  But those past laurels and blessings are only accountability to build strength where we live.

Here’s more from Anne Graham Lotz:

“I was re-reading Deuteronomy 28 which is an incredible passage. The first 11 verses of it in particular, because it just tells you all the blessings that God would give. I know it was written for Israel but we also, as Americans, we are a covenant nation. George Washington led the Continental Congress when he was inaugurated as president.  He went and he led them in prayer to dedicate this nation to the glory of God and God took that very seriously.”

“As a result, God has blessed us.  Go through Deuteronomy 28.  It’s amazing how it describes America.  And then there comes the warning. If we turn away from God, if we disobey him, if our prosperity and our riches and all the wealth that He has given, if that makes us feel somehow that we don’t need Him, that it was our own ingenuity that got these things for us, He will back away from us and we will come under His judgment.”

“I think that’s what we’re seeing. I think our unprecedented prosperity has not necessarily been a blessing.  It’s led us away from God. It’s led us to deny him and to somehow, in our pride and arrogance, think that we deserve what we have achieved.  When actually, it’s been the blessing of God.”

“When you turn away from Him, that’s a very serious thing.  America has done it at warp speed.  I would never have thought we could go down morally and spiritually as quickly as we have. There literally is going to be Hell to pay.  It’s very sobering.”

“But the neat thing is that God’s people can stand in the gap for the whole nation.

“So if we pray like that and cry out to Him, He will hear our prayer. He will answer our distress call, and it’s going to make a difference. I don’t know what difference it will make, but we won’t know until we do it.”

Key Scriptures: Joel 2:13-14; Matthew 24; Ephesians 4:4-6

Theme Song: No Other Name by Hillsong

Highlight : Even in the face of darkness, a few intercessors make a difference

MayDay: A call to prayer and watchfulness

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