Jon Weece‘s church was so moved to serve their community that they put together a local event called the Jesus Prom. Listen as Jon returns to Live the Promise to talk about how to practically live out the message of Christ in our daily life.

For Jon, it was second nature to share Jesus with those around him. He grew up in a home with parents who were eager to love others and talk about their faith on a daily basis. Jon’s family saw pig farmers, cult members, and many others come to Christ because Jon’s parents were obedient to step out in faith.

Jon shares some of the things he’s learned about serving others.

• Sometimes a free hug can minister in powerful ways.

• Disappointment is one of the greatest revealers of idols.

• When we’re down or depressed, it’s usually connected to being too self-focused.

• A kind word in Jesus’ Name can lift a stranger out of a difficult day.

• Joy is one of the most important pieces of a life of service.

Jon offers a word to those who are used to striving instead of serving. “If your life is not progressively getting more simple, then there’s something wrong. Simplicity really is the key in our schedule and our rhythm. It’s a good practice to begin and end your day with silence – you’ll not only hear from God but we’ll hear from our own heart, which says that you need more of Jesus. There’s just one path that leads to life. Our roads say all roads lead to God, but they don’t. If we’re going to find Jesus and follow Jesus it’s all about loving people. Every path that Jesus put His feet on took Him to people in need.”

Key Scriptures: Galatians 5:6

Featured Songs: Let Them See You by JJ Weeks Band; Jesus, Friend of Sinners by Casting Crowns; Love Like Jesus by Rhett Walker Band

Highlight : A sign that says “free hugs”

Love like Jesus

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