Is organization important to God?

Find out what it means to live an organized life from a Christian perspective with author and president of Supreme Organization Jodie Watson. Gain insight as she discusses her book  

You may be sitting in the midst of clutter and thinking to yourself, where do I start? Organization can be a daunting task that many of us try to avoid. However, living an organized life can start by asking ourselves a simple question:

“How is God’s original intention for order reflected in my life, in the way that I relate to the stuff that he has given me and the resources that He has entrusted to me?”

God first created the world in perfect order and through our own sinful nature and desires; we have shifted that original order and created chaos. Jodie describes how it is important that we understand that God is continuously working on restoring order and we play a valuable part in coming alongside Him.

“God does have a plan for restoring order in this world. We know that He did create a world that was in perfect order.  When he originally created for us. We through our own passion and desires messed the order of that world up. He is working towards restoring order on our planet. As we align our lives more to what His idea of order is, as opposed to our idea of order is, then we can become a part of that plan.”

When we start to effectively manage our space, stuff, time and money we can be more effective to God and his kingdom.

The 80/20 principle give us perspective on our personal belongings within the space to contain them in,

 “We use 20% of the things that we own at any one time, so that 80% is sitting around. The majority of us, especially with toys, aren’t being played with at all. Things get cluttered when you are keeping more than the space you have to contain. The amount of what you keep is going to depend on how much space you have.”

Instead of living a life of disorganization surrounded by clutter, we have a unique opportunity to be a part of a bigger picture: God’s great plan to restore order in the world.

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