“It’s all about love.”

What does that mean when a man and woman enter a life-long covenant? Listen as author Gary Thomas returns to talk about living out a strong, sacred marriage.

“We’re not just gritting our teeth and growing in holiness but we’re growing in intimacy. Over time as we begin to grow in our worship [of God] and our pursuit of each other, it’s effective. You can take a marriage that’s at its end and see spiritual richness.”

Gary and Susie explore

• The purpose of marriage.

• How to pray for your spouse with reverence. Gary points out that when we pray, we’re not just speaking to our Father, but our Father-in-law.

“I’ve learned to pray for my wife with great reverence – I’m talking to her Father.”

• How to make the last things the first things. Gary describes the judgment seat of Christ as described in the book of Revelation.

“Our works will be judged according to what we’ve done.  On that day, it will be ‘Gary, did you find out her needs and seek to meet them?’ My eternity will be marked by how I loved God’s daughter. My son just got married in July, and I love the woman who loves my son. Anything she needs, I want to give her. That’s God’s heart for us.”

• The importance of learning patience in marriage.

“There are going to be some really dark days – some days where your job is to endure and get through it. You’re giving the medicine. It takes  time to root out the bad and bring forth the good.”

• The intimacy that comes from being on mission and serving together.

“This person has a life that really matters and that God can really use. Getting involved in a common ministry is one of the best ways to revitalize a dying marriage.”

Key Scriptures: Matthew 6:33

Featured Songs: O Holy Night; Bethlehem Skies by Dara Maclean; Go Tell it on the Mountain by Big Daddy Weave

Highlight : Praying to your Father-in-law

The lifelong love

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