Some of the most profound & provoking insights we’ll ever hear can come from conversations with our children.

Jo welcomes author and mom, Amy Julia Becker. She shares examples of this truth from her latest book . We unpack the big questions that our little ones ask, and explore child-like curiosity as we identify what truly matters in life. Here’s where this fascinating topic takes us:

Our kids ask innocent questions that can serve to make us question our own motivations and preconceptions. In other words, they can really call us out.

Amy Julia explains that her daughter Penny, who has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, has revealed a great deal to her about our common humanity, how much we are all loved by God, and having a godly perspective. Penny has also encouraged Amy Julia to have a great attitude in scenarios where we normally wouldn’t.

We hear a story of Penny declaring her mom to be beautiful at a time when Amy Julia felt anything but. That moment is still impacting Amy Julia and shaping her perspective on true beauty to this day. Love has a great deal to do with true beauty. It’s much deeper than the popular concept of our day.

Amy Julia shares a story about teaching her son what the word forgiveness means. It helped her have a window into how God must view forgiveness, and how much bigger his capacity to forgive is than anything we could imagine.

During her parenting journey, Amy Julia came to a place where she started praying for laughter. What led her to that place and how did the answer to her prayer change her?

You can learn more about Amy Julia on her website, right here.

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Learning values from our children

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