On this edition of Grace and Truth, listen as Craig and Paul discuss the latest news in the ongoing abortion debates as well as the starling ways the Obama administration is looking to extend its power.

Studies have now confirmed that babies who are 20-22 weeks old are able to feel pain. This has caused some lawmakers to introduce a bill that makes it illegal to abort babies that have achieved this age.

“Republican Mike Kelly has gone to bat for innocent lives in a way that is to be recognized and applauded.”

These babies are capable of living outside of the womb at 20 weeks old and should be considered an innocent, living human being separate from its mother. They should be considered human beings and should be protected by the government as any human being living outside of the womb is protected.

I don’t understand people who, when science says these children can feel pain how they can say it’s OK to rip them apart or burn them alive.”

Although the bill has passed the House, there is fear among supporters that it will be rejected by the Senate.

What’s even more startling is that the US joins North Korea and China as one of the only countries left that allows abortions during all nine months of pregnancy. Limits have been set up in a majority of other countries but not in the US.

President Obama himself said he would veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

How can I pray?

•  Pray that this latest pro-life bill can be enacted into law swiftly.
•  Pray for God to soften in the hearts of those who oppose the bill.
•  Pray for the innocence and viability of these babies to become more apparent.

Paul and Craig then turn their attention to what the Obama administration has been doing in the legislature.

Craig discusses how the Obama administration is usurping its constitutional right and is using something called a Presidential memorandum to fast-track legislation that agrees with its agenda into law.

In the past, President Bush and President Roosevelt have used means to fast-track laws past Congress and the Supreme court, however, only in times of great emergency when executive action had to be taken to ensure the safety of the American people.

The Obama administration has been attempting to extend its power beyond the limit established by the constitution and Congress and the Supreme Court are not resisting.

How can I pray?

•  Congress and Supreme Court to keep lawmakers in check.
•  Balance of power set up by the Founding Fathers can be maintained.
•  Wisdom for elected representatives.

Abortion bans and presidential memorandums