“When you know your enemy, you know where to do your shooting.”

Alex and Stephen Kendrick, makers of the well-known Christian films , and   are passionate about equipping Christians to engage in spiritual warfare.

Alex urges us to focus our prayers.

“We walk around shooting at the wrong enemy – that gets us absolutely nowhere. We have a very devious enemy that wants to do everything he can to prevent us from growing spiritually, from praying to the Lord, from loving the way He taught us to love.”

How does Satan come against us spiritually?

  1. He distracts us.
  2. He deceives us
  3. He divides us.

Alex explains,

“He distracts us from what we should be focused on, deceives us according to God’s word, and then he divides us. He tries to divide us from the Lord, from your spouse, or children, from other others in Christian fellowship. None of us are meant to exist outside the body of Christ as a Christian. If he can seclude you he can weaken you.”

Being battle ready requires maturity, depth and perseverance. Stephen offers suggestions for how to guard and prepare ourselves.

“Jesus said, ‘Take heed when you hear the Word of God.’ We need to be praying that God will open our eyes to the truths of His Word. When I’m sitting down having a devotion time with the Lord I’ll start off and say ‘Lord would You, by Your Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my heart, would You speak to me? Will you help me understand truths of your word?’

“Any time we’re engaging in the day, there is a spiritual warfare going on all around us. We’re supposed to be putting on the armor of God.”

How can we cover ourselves in prayer?

  1. Pray that God keeps you usable.
  2. Pray that God keeps you humble.
  3. Pray that God keeps you in tune with His voice.
  4. Pray that God fills you with His Spirit and helps you to delight in Him.

Stephen urges us to remember Ephesians 3:20-21.

“My approach now is just to ask for the moon. We know that our Heavenly Father knows what prayers to answer and when to answer them and we want Him to be glorified in the context of each situation. And so we say ‘Lord, here is my heart’s desire, but nevertheless not my will but Yours be done.’

Key Scriptures: Jeremiah 29:13; John 15:7; 1 Kings 8:38-39

Featured Songs: Warrior by Steven Curtis Chapman; Spirit of the Living God by Meredith Andrews; Strong God by Meredith Andrews

Highlight : Know your enemy

The war room

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