Every woman is hard-wired with certain longings – to be cherished by a man, to be protected, and to be sexually alive. But many are turning to romance novels and other destructive outlets to address those longings. Listen as Dannah Gresh uses Scripture and God’s original design for intimacy to strip erotica of its power and turn our hearts back to God.

Dannah explains what this topic means to her.

“My husband showed me a Saturday Night Live skit about [50 Shades of Grey]. My best friend told me her 70-yr-old grandma was on a waiting list to read it. The Lord stirred Dr. Slattery and myself that Christian women did need to speak up for this because Christian women were falling for it.”

Dannah points to a number of issues with erotica:

• Books that glorify sexual acts and bondage hold up acts and practices that would be considered illegal by international standards.

• Women between the ages of 18 and 25 who read violent erotica are more likely to end up in abusive, controlling relationships.

• It holds up unrealistic standards for relationships.

• It twists the biblical picture of mutual love and service in marriage.

Dannah points out that erotica tries to meet and satisfy the five longings of a woman’s heart:

1. To escape reality.

2. To be cherished by a man.

3. To be protected by a strong man.

4. To rescue a man.

5. To be sexually alive.

Dannah and Juli’s book is .

Key Scriptures: John 4:34; Philippians 4:8; Genesis 2:25

Featured Songs: Dear Younger Me by MercyMe; Made New by Lincoln Brewster; Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman

Highlight : The addictive nature of erotica

How Jesus satisfies your longings

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