Of all the intangible gifts you received as you were growing up, which ones were the most valuable?

We were asked that question a few years ago and, in turn, we asked others to share their thoughts. Here are some of the answers.

Kendra’s mother taught her to appreciate words.

“She had a very large vocabulary and was also the grammar police in our home. Her love of words was transferred to me. There is a framed print in our home that says: Words are so powerful they should only be used to bless, to prosper, to heal.”

John’s dad taught him the value of hard work.

“I was given my first real responsibility at the age of 3. At that time we lived in an old house and the kitchen was heated with a cob and coal stove. My job was to carry in the bucket of corncobs. I can still remember filling it up and realizing I couldn’t lift the heavy bucket. When I told my dad I couldn’t carry it, he offered a simple solution. He told me to carry half a bucket and make two trips. That early lesson in both hard work and problem-solving has served me well.”

Others have shared how they learned the value of thriftiness, hospitality, respect, honesty, and love. One person shared how the gift of being taught about Christ was the greatest gift they received.

Parents, there is a lesson here.

All of the gifts that were mentioned did not come with a price tag attached. There was, however, a price that was paid.

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa all invested their time to give these gifts.  As the years go by, the stuffed animals, American Girl dolls, scooters, iPads, and mini bikes will be forgotten. The memories and the intangible gifts you give to those you love are the things that will last.

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