The life of the Christian is full of trials and tribulations, pain and suffering. Liz Curtis Higgs shares the importance of keeping an eternal perspective amidst the pain and suffering of everyday life.

 “That last breath and that first breath in heaven, when you step over from one realm to the other, all of the bad is gone, all of the pain, all the sorrow, all the suffering, all of it is gone.”

The moment we enter eternal life, all of the negative aspects of life will be eliminated. This is the hope we hold on to; this is the hope that gives us joy in the hardest times.

It’s not always easy to keep an eternal perspective on life because many of us are near-sighted.

“It is hard to think past the current pain to future joy.”

Why is it so hard to look past our current circumstances?

“We don’t know how long the current pain is going to go on and whether it’s emotional or physical there are all kinds of pain, we look at the end of this day and ask for a solution by midnight.”

Sometimes the solution to our problem won’t even come in this life but the next.

In the case of Jesus, He knew how His earthly life was going to end. None of us would want to live our lives knowing we had to experienced what Jesus endured.

“All of us know that a day will come but we don’t know when and we don’t know how. Jesus knew when and how.”

Jesus was able to endure the painful circumstances of his life and death with joy because of the prospect of the eternal life set before Him. As Christians, we have the opportunity to share in the joy found in the promise of eternal life.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 143:5; Matthew 25:19-21

Featured Songs: Live Forever by Matthew West; Move (Keep Walkin’) by TobyMac; Glorious Unfolding by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : Jesus’ legacy of enduring with joy

Finishing well

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