As Christians, we carry the responsibility of representing Christ in the way we lead. It’s not just for our sake but the sake of those around us.

Tyler Reagin discusses how leading in a Christ-like way can impact other people’s view of Jesus.

“It’s become clearer and clearer to me over time, and especially being a pastor at a church, that we have to recognize that the world looks at Christians as a representation of Jesus Himself.”

When people know that we are followers of Jesus, they see our behavior and associate whatever behavior they see in us with Jesus. Whether we like it or not, we are carefully watched by those outside the church, and we represent Jesus on earth.

What does that have to do with leadership skills?

“If we lead poorly, that’s a really bad representation and every one of us knows that we can absolutely affect someones faith by how we lead, good or bad.”

Our behavior doesn’t change the nature of Jesus, but we can change the way people around us think about Jesus based on our actions and behavior.

Tyler says that leadership in the church matters because it can be the difference between someone staying in the faith or walking away.

“A lot of us know someone who has walked away from the faith – not because they don’t love Jesus anymore, not because they don’t believe in the church, but because they don’t believe in the people who represent God in those situations.”

It’s important for Christians to lead well inside and outside the church because people’s faith often depends on it.

 “Maybe it’s never going to be perfect, but it’s a place that’s valuing people above other things.”

Healthy organization and leadership should be an expectation at every church to help prevent Christians from leaving the faith. We all can play a part by representing Christ well in all we do.

Key Scriptures: John 10:10

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Highlight : The importance of Christian leadership

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