What is the secret to living a worry-free life?

According to best-selling author Michael Ross and co-author Arnie Cole from Back to the Bible, there are Seven Secrets of Worry-Free Living! Listen as Michael discusses the latest ground-breaking research, medical advice, and insight from God’s word on being at peace.

We learn more about one of the seven secrets of worry-free living: the secret of self-awareness. This is a helpful way to start the process of identifying triggers of worry in our lives.

 “A key to battling worry anxiety and fear is to become self-aware. Look inward, look at your own triggers and look at your own life.”

Once we’ve identified our triggers, we can begin to look at how to manage our triggers and work through them, especially in times of uncertainty, worry and fear.

 “Look at your own life and evaluate yourself and tune into those triggers. What is it that’s causing stress in your life? Finances, uncertainty in the workplace, relationship issues, etc. You can fill this out to get a better idea of your own life and figure out why you are worried, how your children or spouse are worried.”

Michael also encourages us to seek wise counsel and adhere to medical advice when needed.

 “We emphasized the importance of getting medical advice along the way. That could mean talking to a professional therapist or talking to a pastor, having a physical, that’s very important. We take a biblical mind, body and spirit approach.”

Finding a healthy balance in our mind, body and spirit, is an important aspect of eliminating worry and embracing the truth of God’s word to every area in our lives.

If we still find ourselves worrying too much and asking the question, ‘Well, what if?” Michael suggests we ask ourselves more clarifying questions until we’ve gained inner peace from God.

 “When I face uncertainty and a fearful situation and I asked that question, ‘what if?’ I also follow that up with – live in truth, don’t live in fear. Lets get to the truth. What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen in the situation? And do I trust God?”

Trusting God and having the right perspective will get us back to the truth. Yes, this means surrendering that fear, anxiety and worry right out of our lives.

Highlight: Identifying our triggers

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