“This is my strong-willed child. The one I was telling you about.”

When you read those two sentences it is very important that you get the right voice inflection. Typically the parent’s tone and body language are shouting, “This is the kid who makes me nuts! I’m totally exasperated and wondering what I did to deserve this child!!!”

Is this child truly strong-willed or is this simply a child who has gained control of the household?

There are several characteristics commonly found in strong-willed children.

•  They live in a black-and-white world with very little tolerance for grey areas.

•  A strong-willed child appears confident.

•  These kids are not simply defiant. They can actually be very charming.

•  Their persistence exceeds that of most adults.

•  They are gifted in manipulation and ready, willing and able to cause an emotional upset to gain control.

There is, however, a paradox when it comes to control and the strong-willed child. That child who is straining, striving, and battling for control actually wants the parent to be in control. It may not be an easy job but your child is counting on you

The take away for every parent is actually a question:  Do you love your child enough to maintain control?

You can hear John and Kendra’s full interview on Austin Hill in the Morning below:

“I’d like you to meet my strong-willed child”

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