How can we understand the themes of the Bible? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with author and speaker Angie Smith about the threads that tie Scripture together.

“I never would have seen myself as someone who God would choose to do this. I remember being in grad school [as a young believer] and not understanding the Bible. I couldn’t figure out how everything fit together. I started going to LifeWay and buying children’s Bibles, really basic, and trying to see how everything fit together. I’ve always longed to be able to write something that would speak to the girl that I was then.”

Angie’s new study Seemless speaks to the new believers and those who struggle with navigating the Old and New Testament.

Angie divides the Bible into six basic sections in her study:

1. The beginning

2. The patriarchs

3. Exodus and the Promised Land

4. The kingdoms and the prophets

5. The Messiah

6. The letters

“I felt like I needed to be able to go through the different books and dissect them [academically].” Aggie shares her fear of not being a “perfect Christian” by not having all the answers. God showed her that what He wants is our heart, not just our academic perspective. We come to Jesus with a mixture of humility and expectancy, knowing that He is the ultimate answer but He may not give us every answer we’re looking for.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 19:14; Romans 4:19-23; Hebrews 4:12

Theme Song: Finish What He Started by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : Don’t believe you can’t understand the Bible

How to read the Bible

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