Basic medical care is one of the last things available to exploited women and children. Dr. Gloria Halverson is committed to helping as many as possible. As a gynecologist and team leader with Global Health Outreach of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, Dr. Halverson provides needed treatment and a message of hope for recovering trafficked victims. We hear her stories and learn more about the fight for justice and freedom for millions of modern day slaves on this latest Connecting Faith.

Dr. Gloria shares the story of how she came to be involved with this ministry. She heard stories of women who were forced to sell their own children, and wondered why no one was doing anything about it. Then she realized, “I am somebody.”

Internationally – human trafficking is a thirty two billion dollar industry. But is it really an issue impacting us here in the Upper Midwest? Dr. Gloria says it most certainly is. Minnesota is the thirteenth largest state in the American human trafficking industry, and it is tragically third in cases of online solicitation of children. Every county in Wisconsin has had cases of it.

We also hear stories from the international front line. The youngest victim Dr. Gloria has worked with was only 5 years old. She prays with each of the individuals that she treats. One of the largest challenges that Global Health Outreach faces is getting the supplies that they need into the countries where they’re needed.

In the face of so many sobering statistics and stories, can we really make a difference? Dr. Gloria explains that she maintains her passion to help by remembering that God didn’t call us to individually end all the world’s ills. He simply calls us to do what we can do.

Highlight: Behind the numbers

Hope for victims of human trafficking

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