Do you ever feel like you are falling apart?

You are not alone. Author Emily Freeman reminds us how often times the busyness in life can make us feel as though we are falling apart, but the exact opposite is happening – we are actually being held together.

Emily shares one of her favorite passages on the power of God’s grip.

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

It may be helpful to think of ‘being held’ in a way makes sense to our flesh, to better understand the spiritual sense of holding. Emily has found that literally holding a bowl in her hands while she is praying, has been a great way to remember how our mind, body and spirit are all connected.

“I think about that in very tangible level. My spirit, my soul, my body; He holds me together and I’m one complete person. I can’t separate my soul, my mind, my will, my emotion, my body, my spirit out from each other – it’s all just one thing.”

It’s important to remember that God is holding us together in every area of our lives. Emily explains how knowing that God is holding her together has drastically changed her perspective at work.

“It has helped me to focus to see if there’s a difference between my effort and the outcome. I think a lot of times in our work, at least in my work, I am focused on the outcome and often I can’t control the outcome. That’s where the fast moving, anxiety, fear and need to control comes in, because I’m trying to manage the outcome.”

We are reminded of these biblical truths and can apply it to our lives today:

• We can plant a seed but we can’t make it grow.

• Our job is to bring a small lunch to Jesus, and His job to feed the five thousand people.

• When there’s no more wine at the wedding, we are supposed to bring the water pot to Jesus and trust Him with the miracle.

We need to release our desire to control the outcomes over to the One who is in control. Emily encourages us to remember this truth in our personal and professional lives.

“The most encouraging thing to consider is the difference between my efforts and the power and presence of Christ….that I release outcomes into his hands.”

More information about Emily Freeman’s book , and more information about Emily can be found by visiting her website.

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