Angela Bennett has dedicated the last two decades of her life to saving women and couples from abortion. In her role as CEO of SCV Pregnancy Center, she has a first-hand look at those who are most vulnerable to making that choice.

She has a vision of what the pregnancy help movement could accomplish.

“Dreaming of a future where all women facing an unplanned pregnancy could receive a full range of pregnancy options along with all the relevant information so they can truly make healthy, informed decisions for their pregnancies instead of believing there is only the one option of abortion.”

“It has never been about how much money is available for Pregnancy Centers, sure money helps pay the bills, but it is really about how many people are willing to provide the needed help, hope and healing. More than abortion, women need the support of others as they seek help and hope for the future.”

Each of us needs help from time to time. All too often, we see women who felt no one was there to help them and they chose abortion even when they didn’t believe abortion was the right answer for them.

Today, they are searching for healing from a prior abortion and they need to know it is currently available at their local pregnancy center. When women receive the practical medical help they need, and someone provides the personal support needed to realize that there can be hope for the future, then they can receive healing and amazing things happen. They begin to experience a deeper level of confidence than they believed was possible, and they even can experience spiritual healing.

“I believe wholeheartedly, that when each of us extends a helping hand to others, we all benefit. And caring for one another is what happens when we truly value all life.”

You can also become part of the life-affirming circle that helps make abortion unnecessary and unthinkable.

The heart of pro-life is pregnancy care