A strong family takes three things – communication, respect, and teamwork. It may seem like an impossible mountain to climb, but help is on the way! Listen as parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman joins the program to talk about how to .

First, Kevin points out that it starts with you.

“If you change the words you choose to use with that person you love, who’s making the family not-so-happy, you can turn the family around in 48 hours.”

• Choose your words carefully.

If your teenage son storms off in the middle of a discussion, you can take two approaches. You can call after him angrily and say “Don’t speak that way in this house, young man!” Or, you can call after him and say “Richard, I’m not sure what that slammed door was, but do you resent living in this beautiful bedroom home with all the amenities?”

• Validate the opinions of your children. Dr. Leman explains.

“Your kids want you to affirm them. So when a kid says something interesting, say ‘Wow. Tell me more about that.’ It’s a command but doesn’t put their defenses up.” Dr. Leman urges parents to avoid the authoritarian stance and passive stance and find the third route. “There’s only one way to bring up a child – that’s from the authoritative standpoint.”

The conversation takes an abrupt turn when Joseph, a brand-new Christian, calls into the program and seeks advice with mending his relationship with his father. Listen to the advice Susie and Dr. Leman give him:

“Just share your heart with your dad. If you can’t do that, you’re not going to move forward in your walk with God. You do the obvious things, the simple things. You can’t be responsible for what your dad does. You do what you can do and God will vindicate.”

Key Scriptures: John 14

Featured Songs: Today is Beautiful by David Dunn; Do Life Big by Jamie Grace; This is the Day by Phil Wickham

Highlight : Family dynamics, and when your teen slams a door

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