How can we pray in light of current events? Craig von Buseck returns for our monthly edition of Grace and Truth to urge us to pray for peace and the Spirit’s work in our world.

“If we’re focused on our rights, that’s not love because love always puts the other person first. How can we build bridges of understanding instead of walls of division? Jesus commanded us to be His witnesses.”

Craig urges us to carry this mindset into every conversation surrounding current events.


The recent riots were sparked by the death of a young man who was arrested and severely injured while in police custody. “It seems there was excessive force that was brought against Freddie Gray and it broke his neck.” Craig shares that six of the officers were indicted and will stand trial. “When Freddie Gray passed away the city of Baltimore erupted in violence.” Craig describes this as a “powder keg” involving law and order, racial tensions, and the inner-city issues of poverty and gang violence.

• Pray for God to move in the hearts of law enforcement officials. In Susie’s words, “move in them, or move them out.”

• Pray for their protection as they protect and serve their communities.

• Pray for the inner-city youth that are being exploited or overlooked.


“In my lifetime I can’t think of an earthquake that has taken more victims.” Craig reports that there are 7500 reported dead with massive amounts of people still missing.

• Pray for the protection of the children and the vulnerable in this country.

• Pray for the relief workers who are traveling overseas to serve them.

• Pray against traffickers who would try to exploit women and children in the aftermath.

As God prompts us, we can pray in the Spirit for intercession and a revival of hearts for those involved.

Key Scriptures: Romans 12:17-18; Acts 1:8

Theme Song: Speak Life by TobyMac

Highlight : Preparing as Christians for natural disasters

Grace and truth: Nepal and Baltimore

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