How can we pray over current events? On the Wednesday edition of Live the Promise Craig von Buseck is back for another edition of Grace and Truth. He helps us think biblically about ISIS, world events, and responding to hate with love.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech

The content:

“We need to understand there is a large group of Islamic believers that would consider themselves militant. There are more than a billion Muslims in the world today – 1-2% is millions of Muslims that believe in jihad. The leaders of Iran have said again and again that they want to wipe Israel off the face of the map – our leaders here in the United States have been working to slow down Iran from getting a nuclear weapon but they’ve been doing a lot of work to prepare. All the work that they’ve done doesn’t just point to nuclear power but also to creating nuclear bombs.”

The context: Craig points out that we are seeing parallels in our day to the build-up of the second World War.

“We need to recognize this. We have to give proper respect to this leader – he recognizes that there is a big threat here. Iran is not just a threat to the nation of Israel but all the nations of the world.”

• Pray for Israel. Craig says America has a historic connection to the Jewish people. “We were the first to recognize Israel as a nation.”

• Pray that our leaders would uphold Truman’s leadership and continue to support Israel.

• Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s protection.


Craig urges us to praise God for the 21 martyrs who were killed by ISIS. Reports say that as the blade came to their necks, they shouted in unison, “Oh my Lord Jesus.” Craig also found three separate accounts that stated of the 21 men killed, 20 were Coptic Christians. The 21st man was from Chad and was a Muslim, but after seeing the courage of the other men, he converted and submitted to death along with his brothers.

• Pray that the Lord would protect the innocent.

• Pray that God would increase our boldness.

Key Scriptures: Malachi 3:6; Psalm 122:6; Isaiah 1:18; Revelation 12:11

Theme Song: Same Power by Jeremy Camp

Highlight : Netanyahu’s speech will strengthen U.S.-Israel relations

Grace and truth: Iran’s nuclear program and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s appeal to America

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