God has a special place in His kingdom for parents who are raising children by themselves. Listen as Carol Lund of Bridging the Gap joins us in studio to share God’s heart for single mothers and an upcoming retreat for them.

Single parents face many challenges.

• Financial burdens

• The stigma of being a single parent, even within the church

• Parenting and making large decisions for the family by yourself

• Loneliness

• Fear of the future

How can we pray for those who are in this position?

Marilee had been a single mother for many years and recently was married. She urges those with families to reach out to single parents and serve them. Mentoring their children, helping with grocery shopping, and offering to cover their yard work can all be practical ways to ease the burden of leading the family. At the upcoming single mothers’ retreat, there are practical seminars for the women on handling finances, domestic abuse, caring for yourself and discipline.

A woman named Nina called in during the program and shared how the church encouraged her and supported her after her husband left the family.

“Until you walk in their shoes, you really cannot judge the situation. You really have to love.”

Carol shares how we can pray for the upcoming event.

“We see spiritual warfare on every corner – but because we recognize it, we have people praying night and day on our behalf.”

Key Scriptures: Jeremiah 29:11

Featured Songs: You Deliver Me by Selah; Here I Am by David Crowder; No Other Name by Hillsong

Highlight : When a church serves single mothers

God’s joy: Encouraging single mothers

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