When was the last time you and your spouse went on a date? Whether you’ve been married for thirty days or thirty years, spending time together is still the key to a close relationship—and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. On this almost-Valentine’s day edition of Connecting Faith, Jo talks with marriage experts Dave and Claudia Arp to review  .  It’s time to break up the routine and think big romance on a small budget. Here’s where the conversation takes us:

“Fun in marriage is serious business!”

The need for a feeling of being connected to your spouse doesn’t end after the dating relationship is over. In fact, one of the greatest indicators of a long-lasting marriage is whether or not the couple has a great friendship. There isn’t a married couple to be found that doesn’t need to be continually working at keeping the lines of communication open. But even though we know that we need to work on this vital area of our relationships, we usually have a challenging time following through. It’s helpful in that respect that Dave and Claudia’s message, and book, is so easily applicable.

Having a weekly date night in place can made a world of difference in our relationships. And it’s important to remember that it’s helpful to keep the business of our lives separate from our marriage

So what kind of activities are Dave and Claudia prescribing? They note that guys tend to relax by doing something, while the ladies often relax by talking. They recommend a pursuit like hiking, where both boxes can be checked simultaneously. Another possibility discussed is heading to a card store, selecting multiple Valentine’s Day cards for each other, and sharing those messages right in the store without actually purchasing the cards!

Highlight: Rethinking the nest

Fun ideas for dating

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