What are the characteristics of a great Christian leader?

Jenni Catron joins Ed Stetzer to discuss the four dimensions of effective Christian leadership.

“Our faith should be informing our work whether were in ministry or the marketplace.”

Jenni bases her four dimensions of leadership on Mark 12:30 which states,

“…And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

When we love God with all four of these aspects of our lives, we fulfill the call to love God with our whole life.

How does loving the Lord with our heart, soul, mind, and strength affect leadership?


Loving God with our whole heart is the relational side of leadership. It’s the slowing down enough to actually see those under your leadership as real people.


Loving God with your mind is the strategy, planning, and management side of leadership.

“That one comes really easy to me but I can lead too strongly and miss the heart side of things.”


Loving God with your soul represents the spiritual aspect of leadership.

“If you’re in the marketplace that doesn’t mean you have to be quoting Scripture to people every other minute, but it does mean that you can pray for your staff. Your faith can inform your work so significantly.”


Loving God with all your strength represents the vision aspect of leadership. As a leader, having a solid vision provides strength for the organization, the team, and for the future.

As Christian leaders, we should call upon God to help us find a balanced approach to leadership that inspires and encourages those God has called us to lead.

“When we can lead from all of those perspectives, I think were set up to be an extraordinary leader and we can live out the vision that God has called us to.”

Highlight: Four demensions of effective Christian leadership

Effective Christian leadership

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