We see numerous examples of faith-based organizations drifting from their founding mission, while others remain true to their moorings.

HOPE International‘s President Peter Greer has investigated this phenomenon, and he joins us to talk about the findings detailed in his book .

We learn how to protect what matters most and stand strong against the tides that would move us from our foundation. Here’s where that conversation takes us:

The good intentions of so many organizations have fallen prey to drifting. How can we be different? How can we firmly keep what matters most in view? First we need to identify the core elements of who we are.

Our relationship with money will be key in this discussion. Organizations that are true to their mission know their identity, and they won’t bend their values for a quick buck.

What can we learn from the case of Harvard University – which began as a faith based institution and is now one of the most prominent secular schools in America? Peter says that there can be an unintentional secularization that plays out in institutions of higher learning.

It’s time for Christian organizations to establish clarity and to be intentional in the way they face this issue. Where is your team, and in what ways are you susceptible to drifting?

Board membership is particularly key in efforts to ward off drift.

Peter suggests some questions to gauge how well we’re achieving our mission.

Sometimes our pride can blind us from seeing the situation as it really stands.

Inside the organization, how can we ensure this is a place where employees can flourish?

Remember, in the big picture, this isn’t about us. It’s about serving God to the best of our abilities.

Highlight: A plan of action

Standing firm