Is the ‘summer job’ a thing of the past for today’s teens and young adults? What hopes do college grads have of finding meaningful work? And should we expect work to be meaningful in the first place? We talk jobs, careers, and work, on this edition of Connecting Faith, featuring noted author and career coach Dan Miller. Dan returns to the program to review his principles for finding work, enjoying work more and making an impact—from his book  .

We begin by taking a glance at summer work opportunities. Are summer jobs becoming a facet of yesteryear? Dan says that confidence and perseverance will go a long way in increasing your likelihood of being hired. Having a great personality will also place you in an excellent position to gain employment. He explains what he means by that assertion.

There’s been a tremendous amount of conversation on the minimum wage of late. Dan believes that the market should determine your compensation. Employers are going to pay what they need to, to attract and keep good people.

Dan has a unique perspective on unemployment and underemployment numbers in our current economic environment. He says there is an entire category of people who, having met with minimal success in the traditional job market, have become entrepreneurs and crafted their own income via creative freelance opportunities. The statistics don’t accurately measure that activity in his view. In a sense, it’s an information age shift back to “ma & pop” companies. Thus, we are a bit more of a healthy economy than we imagine. The truth, Dan believes, is that if we just turn the television off for a few moments and study the issues further, we’ll become far more optimistic.

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Highlight: Freelancing

Finding work that you love

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