Can we make a rigorous scientific case for the existence of Adam and Eve?

Dr. Fazale Rana, or Fuz, is both a scientist & a man of great faith in God who argues the case of Adam and Eve. In his latest book, a ten year update of Who Was Adam, Fuz draws a compelling & almost-startling historical line back to one of the most famous names in the Bible.

“Many people, and this includes Christians as well as non-Christians,  think of the idea of Adam and Eve as being a fairy tale, or at best a theologically true story, but not a historically or scientifically true story. In fact, they would argue that there’s overwhelming scientific evidence for human evolution and as Christians we have no choice but to accept the idea of evolution.”

Fuz explains that the case for Adam & Eve lies right at the core of what makes us human – our D.N.A.

Scientists have studied the genetic diversity of people around the world.  And by looking at this genetic diversity they can actually gain insight into the origin of humanity.

There’s a particular type of genetic marker called Mitochondrial D.N.A. that, if you look at its variation, indicates that all people on the planet arise from essentially a single female individual that’s dubbed ‘mitochondrial eve’ in the scientific literature.

And every man on the planet through another genetic marker called Y Chromosome D.N.A. can trace an origin back to a single male individual. This individual’s dubbed ‘Y Chromosome Adam’.

When Genesis 3:20 says Adam named his wife Eve and she would become the mother of every living person, with respect to mitochondrial D.N.A., that is indeed a true statement.

In the scientific literature done by evolutionary biologists is actually providing data that’s extremely provocative and, it makes you wonder are ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ and ‘Y Chromosome Adam’ actually the biblical Eve & the biblical Adam?

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