Small offenses can build up over time and when things are left unresolved and unaddressed, your marriage can crumble quicker than you can imagine. How can you fight for intimacy right now, today, and move closer to your spouse? Dr. Greg Smalley returns to talk about winning back the heart of your spouse before it’s too late.

“Maybe you’re in a season where you’re just floating along… Go to Hosea 2 and you will see where God lays out this incredible formula for winning back your spouse.”

What are the five steps mentioned in this passage for re-engaging a distant spouse?

• Tenderly allure.

“God and His wife, the Israelites, have been disconnected. He’s standing there, waving His hands, trying to get her attention. He takes the first step; what He does is lead her into the desert – the place where they first fell in love.”

• Rebuild safety.

“Conflict is good for marriage; combat is bad. So God is differentiating between these things; He’s doing every bit of that to get her heart open.”

• Restore the relationship.

“Baal is used throughout Scripture to describe a master, a cruel master. God is saying, ‘I don’t want you look at Me as your master. I want you to look at Me as your Husband.”

• Recommit to your spouse.

“What He’s doing is saying, ‘What are core values that need to be a part of our foundation?'” Greg suggests that each couple takes stock on a regular basis of what their core values are and how they are moving forward as a team.

• Move toward your spouse and invite them to move toward you.

Greg urges husbands and wives to use conflicts in a way that brings strength to their relationship. It doesn’t start with your spouse; it starts with your own choice to seek reconciliation. In Greg’s words, “We can always choose to forgive.”

Key Scriptures: Hosea 3:1; John 13:35; Hosea 2:14-20

Featured Songs: Let Them See You by JJ Weeks Band; Made New by Lincoln Brewster; Today is Beautiful by David Dunn

Highlight : Alluring your wife

Fighting for her heart

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