Award-winning chef Rick Tramonto returns to Connecting Faith to share summer barbecue and cooking tips, the joy of meal preparation, and his life story. Tramonto has developed top rated restaurants in Chicago and New Orleans, served as a judge for Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ TV show, written seven cookbooks and his memoir of life in the kitchen and the grace of God called  .

“As long as you know how to eat, you are good to go!” – Rick

We head back to the beginning of Rick’s journey. He explains that he had to jump right into the food industry at what many would consider the bottom of the heap – flipping burgers at a Wendy’s. Rick didn’t have the opportunity to attend culinary school, and he needed a job. But that job was the opening of a remarkable career, and – looking back – Rick reflects that starting wherever you can is really the best way to start.

The vocation of a chef is a combination of an art and a science in Rick’s estimation. It’s a craft that can be cultivated through practice, practice, and more practice! Yet there is a great import here to creating an experience and a memory that lasts; most art goes on and on. In terms of cuisine, you’re only as good as your last dish!

One of the keys to success in the kitchen is to always remain flexible. With changing circumstances, you’re going to have to roll with the punches.

There are keys to success in our faith walk that have resonance for success in the kitchen as well. Rick mentions principles like seeking prayer and wisdom before you undertake a project & the opportunities he’s had to be a light at the highest level of what can be a very dark place.

Highlight: Food of the Bible

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