It can be a sticky subject: sharing your faith at work.

So often we want to get in, do our jobs, and take our check to the bank on Fridays. The reality is, for most people, the best opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission is in the workplace.

How do we talk about our faith and evangelize at work without compromising our testimony as a worker?

Bill Peel is the Founding Executive Director of The Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University, a ministry created to help Christians understand their work’s importance to God and experience Christ’s transforming presence and power in every workplace in every nation. He says Christians are called to not only be productive, but to share their faith at work:

“Whatever age you live in, we’ve always been under a great deal of pressure at work. In any age, it’s important to understand what the Bible has to say about evangelism.”

He says that over the last century, the term “evangelism” has become known as more of an event than a process — but that’s not necessarily a right understanding of the term. Instead, Peel says:

“[Evangelism] begins with doing good work, with letting people see the quality of your work. It also includes showing people your Godly character and being concerned for them. Today, 80% of adults who come to Christ come to Christ through a relationship they’ve developed. The place where Christians and non-Christians most easily develop relationships is in the workplace.”

Peel adds that our character has much to do with being a positive influence at work — but we also need to be courageous in order to have conversations about spiritual things:

“When our confidence and our character come together, that gives us some authority to actually speak.”

Peel says we must always remember that it’s not our job and our job alone to bring people to Christ; our task is merely to come alongside others:

“The Holy Spirit is at work in a lot of people’s lives around us. Our job is not to get them to pray “the prayer” — although that would be nice — but it’s to find out what the Holy Spirit is doing in that person’s life and join them at that place in their spiritual journey.”

Highlight: balancing evangelism and good work

How to be an evangelist at work

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