While we acknowledge the importance of the bible, few of us really engage in God’s Word in a meaningful way.

Michael Ross from the Center for Bible Engagement reviews the findings of their groundbreaking study and offer tips for letting God’s Word direct our paths and transform our lives.

Michael shares statistics from an ongoing study that looks at the spiritual lives of Christians all over the world, from about 170,000 households, primarily in North America.

“We’ve learned that there are significant differences in the moral behaviors and spiritual maturity of believers who read or listen to the Bible at least four more times a week, compared to those who read or hear scripture less often, or never at all.”

Bible engagement motivates service for God and impacts the world for His glory. Michael adds that neglecting the bible will begin to affect our life as Christ-followers.

“If you neglect the Bible; if you rarely open it, if you read it once a week, twice a week, or three times a week, your spiritual life and behaviors are no different than someone who does not know Christ. But if you’re engaging scripture four or more times a week, your life is radically different…that was groundbreaking for us.”

Although Michael has heard a lot of criticism over these results, the truth still prevails: What it comes down to is relationship and consistency.

“When we’re consistently consuming the bible, consistently getting scripture into our hearts and into our minds and then toward our lives….when we’re consistently communicating with Christ on a daily basis it makes a radical difference, and that is not rocket science.”

We can compare it to our relationships with a spouse or a child.

“If you’re married, if you’re consistently communicating with your spouse, you’re going to have a better relationship. If you have children and you’re in their lives and consistently connecting and communicating, you’re going to have a better relationship with your children, as well.”

“So it really comes down to relationship. It’s not a magic number, but that number popped out. Those who engage scripture four more times a week have radically different lives.”

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