“If you can’t laugh at yourself… laugh at other people.”

That’s a favorite saying of comedian Tim Hawkins. He says he’s not out to be mean, but laughter is a key part of the Christian faith.

Why do we laugh? Why is it important?

“The Bible doesn’t say our good works are our strength. The Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength.”

“I tell my audience God is not a buzz kill. He’s not sitting on a cloud waiting for you to mess up, you know? The cross was a powerful thing and the Bible says you are the righteousness of God in Christ. You’re clothed in Jesus and that means when He looks at you He sees Jesus. I don’t understand that but I think that’s pretty cool. That gives me a lot of joy as well.”

Tim loves to laugh, but he’s also honest about a recent struggle he’s encountered.

“A big thing now is anxiety. It’s serious stuff but we have such powerful weapons. You know, God is good. He doesn’t leave us out in the cold. He gives us His Word, and fellow believers, and laughter. Laughter is an incredible weapon! It helps us process things that we can’t process any way else.”

Tim invites us to give our stress and burdens to God and let Him work.

“I think God wants to turn our anxiety to excitement. The opposite of excitement is anxiety. He wants you to be excited! We hang out so much in the past, or in the future – we do. And God doesn’t. He doesn’t hang out with your failures of the past or your worries of the future. He’s the I AM. He’s the ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ He hangs out here, in the present, and Jesus says don’t worry about tomorrow.”

Tim’s book is  .

Key Scriptures: Psalm 34:8; Hebrews 9:14; Psalm 126:2; Ecclesiastes 3:1-4

Featured Songs: Finally Home by Jeremy Camp; Love Take Me Over by Steven Curtis Chapman; Glow in the Dark by Jason Gray

Highlight : God’s gift of laughter

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