Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi grew up as a devout Muslim, but came to follow Christ after discovering who Jesus really is. One of his key objections to Christianity centered on the cross and the resurrection. On this edition of Connecting Faith, we reviewed the arguments and heard Nabeel’s story as he recounted it in his book .

He started by explaining the differences in Christian and Muslim beliefs with examples from the Bible and the Qur’an. Nabeel recounted his personal foundation in the Muslim faith and how his parents greatly influenced his worldview.

“Good Friday and Easter made no sense to me as a Muslim”

Qureshi spent years defending the Muslim faith, until a Christian college friend of his was willing to engage in conversation and healthy debates. By asking challenging questions, Nabeel was able to have a greater understanding of Christianity; ultimately leading him to encounter Jesus for himself.

Throughout the show, he unpacked some of the biggest clashes between Muslims and Christians, including Jesus’ death, resurrection and the Holy Trinity.

“The Qur’an says that no one can take the sins of another”

After coming to know Jesus, Nabeel’s perspective towards the gospel was completely changed. He continued to ask questions and encourages believers to do the same. He explained that by asking questions, it gives way to growing closer to God because He is the truth. As Christians, we are called to love others, even those who have differing beliefs.

“We are called to love this world whether or not they love us back”

God demonstrated his own love for us and therefore we are taught how to love our neighbors, no matter who they are. It is through these relationships that God has the ability to work through us, reaching those in need of His great love.

More helpful information about Dr. Qureshi and Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus can be found here.

Key scriptures:  Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9

Highlight: How to start a conversation

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