When struggling with an addiction, we need God to help us break free and find recovery. This recovery process can be challenging, though, and the temptation to give up can be strong. We can sometimes feel like our relapses are the cause of our weaknesses, and sometimes they are, but what about the possibility of demon interference? Could the temptation be a cause of supernatural forces? Professor Mark Muska, author of , talks about how there is a possibility of satanic influence when it comes to addictions.

Imagine one day you’re going along just great after finishing your Bible study, you’re walking with God, and everything is good. And then thoughts start telling you that you are a bad person, that you’re not forgiven, and you’re not really sober. And you feel guilty. You don’t know where those thoughts came from and so you wonder

“Is there a possibility that that’s a satanic attack?”

And the answer is yes.

The key thing to remember though is that it’s a possibility, not always an answer. There are other possible causes, as well, which could be psychological or physical.

Mark expounds on the possibility of psychological influences:

“I’m not a psychologist but what I understand of certain psychological disorders is that one of the key tip-offs is hearing voices… that’s when you treat someone psychologically for schizophrenia… So it might be psychological.”

Another possible cause of these thoughts or voices could be physical.

“It might be physical and one of your friends is having a good time with you in the other room, and they’ve planted a speaker in the room to make you really creep out so you think you hear this voice. And I’m only half kidding with that you know; people do pranks and it goes crazy on them.”

So it could be spiritual, psychological, or physical. There are lots of possibilities and we have to keep the door open to them all.

Even outside of addictions and temptations with abusing substances, having those strange, harmful thoughts can happen to anyone at any time. Mark reflects on times he’s felt as though the enemy is trying to influence his thoughts and actions.

 “I remember I would we walking across the Mississippi bridge from the East Bank to the West Bank at the University of Minnesota, and I’d have this dopey voice in my head saying “jump.” And I’m a relatively happy guy, I’m not struggling with anything anymore than anybody else, but it’s like “where did that come from?”…I’m open to say that’s a satanic attack potentially there.”

So what should we do if we feel as though we’re under attack from the enemy?

 “…I cover my bases to say that Jesus is the Lord of all and the demons tremble at his authority.”

Pray for safety and protection and it will be granted. Mark gives an example of a possible prayer we could say:

“Jesus, if this is some demon trying to get at me take care of me, would you? You’re the Lord, and these demons flee from you.”

By asking God for protection we can cover our bases, receive help when it is needed, and put our trust in Him. He will help and guide us, and we can receive the strength we need to overcome our addictions and gain permanent recovery – no matter what is trying to stop us.

Highlight – Demons and addictions

Demons and Addictions

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