What does it mean to be complete in Christ? And how can we deepen our walk with him, even as we long for other things? Listen as guest host Bill Arnold talks with Focus on the Family’s Lisa Anderson. We talk about contentment in faith and the calling – permanent or temporary – to singleness.

Lisa shares her own experience.

“It wasn’t that I hated marriage but I was very assumptive about it. I thought God was going to just bless me with an intelligent attractive husband. I started into my 20s, moved around the U.S. – it was literally on my 30th birthday that I was sitting in my parents’ living room and realized I was 30 and still single.”

Lisa calls her story the “cautionary tale” for those who are younger but still wanting to be married.

Lisa and Bill look at the following points:

• The tendency of churches to focus on families and overlook singles.

• How to be single in a church without falling into the consumer mentality.

• How to use online dating safely as a tool to meet other singles.

• The tendency of some to view marriage as a salvation tool. It doesn’t work! There is only one Savior and He already has a bride. “You can’t look to [marriage] as a solution. Look at the person you want to marry as a whole person.”

• How to be an eligible Christian man. “Be in a position to marry – have a job, be in a position to provide for a wife and a children.”

• Traits for a possible spouse. Lisa lists a strong faith in Christ as the top trait – after that, a sense of humor, similar values, and a willingness to grow in faith together.

• The truth that singleness is not a “waiting room for marriage”; build strong same-sex friendships, pour into younger believers, go on missions trips, and trust God’s hand on your life.

Key Scriptures: John 15:8-9

Featured Songs: My Lighthouse by Rend Collective; Speak Life by TobyMac; I Am by David Crowder

Highlight : Accountability and over-spiritualizing dating

Contentment in singleness

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