Many people are skeptical about the Bible as a source of historical, verifiable fact. Listen as author John Dickson returns to the program. He shares his own journey of faith to Christ and invites those who wrestle with faith to take a closer look at the Bible.

When John came to faith, his mother saw it as “a phase I would eventually snap out of.” He was a skeptic until his teen years, when a teacher who was a Christian started talking to him about faith. He decided to tackle some of the common questions about God’s Word in his new book, .

Has this book been used for oppression and slavery and violence and warfare?

“The Bible is associated with corrupt use of power. That is true, to a point. But these are a part of human culture anyway – before the Bible came along. It’s not surprising that various human cultures would use the Bible to justify fallen urges.” John urges us to ask instead, how has the Bible lifted and inspired human culture?

Which laws in the Old Testament still apply to us?

“It wasn’t that pork was necessarily bad; the principle of Leviticus and Deuteronomy that we are to choose between the ‘good’ and the ‘not good’ still applies today.”

What is the story of Scripture? In John’s words, the story of the Bible is about “God redeeming everything in Christ – to Himself and to each other. Not just us, but redeeming all of creation!”

Why was there so much violence in the Old Testament, commanded by God at the hands of His people?

John points out that this was not about ethnic cleansing, especially because Rahab, a prostitute and a Canaanite, was spared by God’s people. “In all the towns where Israel went in that very brief moment in their history, there were probably other Rahabs.” It was meant to drive out people who would draw Israel away from YHWH.

John points out that atheism has a “beauty problem.” Our reaction to beauty in the stars, in the subatomic realm, in a sunset, is just a chemical reaction from a group of mammals with no real purpose or end goal. He calls us to dig into the Bible and examine its claims for ourselves.

Key Scriptures: Matthew 23:23; 1 Peter 3:15; Proverbs 15:1

Featured Songs: Unashamed of You by Chris August; Amen by Chris August; He Knows by Jeremy Camp

Highlight : Hard questions about Old Testament laws

Can we really trust the Bible?

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