When it comes to the issue of abortion, if any hearts and minds are going to be changed, we are going to have to rely on the Holy Spirit to act. We also need to love people, not fall into hatred or disgust with people for the decisions they’ve made.

We cannot give up on anyone.

Kim Ketola believes that if it wasn’t for the support she received when she opened up about her abortion then she would have never been able to fully recover.

“I thank God people didn’t give up on me because I was once just like [those who support abortion]. In all those years when I was stuck justifying the abortion I was just like them. I never got in your face and said “Oh [abortion is] a great thing for women.” No, the shame prevented me from doing that, but I might as well have [been saying that]… I thank God people didn’t write me off. We can never write anyone off, but we’ve got to just throw ourselves at God’s feet and say “Please Lord, change this world and change their hearts.”

With a goal to share God’s love with those who have not yet grasped it, especially those who have had an abortion, it’s important to turn to scripture and look at what it says. There are some who have changed but maybe think “I could never go public with a pro-life stand because of what that might reveal about me.” Or there may be worries that because of a past abortion being in a leadership role at a church is now impossible. The fear that the past will come back to ruin your future can be overwhelming, but there’s a moment of freedom that becomes available to all of us when we finally make our decision to trust Christ with our future regardless of what has happened in our past.

We must become a living sacrifice, no matter what our circumstances are, and no matter what we’re worried about losing. If we are called to step up and share our story with someone, or become a leader in a small group or church setting, or to become active in the fight against Planned Parenthood and abortion, then we need to humble ourselves and be willing to lose everything. We need to trust God and that our future will be just as He has planned it to be. If we are acting on behalf of Christ and with the Holy Spirit’s prompting and leading then we cannot lose.

Highlight – Becoming a living sacrifice

Becoming a living sacrifice

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