God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Listen as Susie talks with musician Danen Kane about his music, faith journey, and struggle with depression.

When it comes to Danen’s new project, , he calls it an honest look at the tension we live in as Christians.

“It’s a picture of the battle we face every day between the flesh and the spirit, wanting to please God and be obedient to Him, not just a Savior but a Lord who we follow. That sanctification process is not a snap of the fingers… it can be a long painful process. We make mistakes but we continue to keep our eyes on Him and keep our hope in Him.”

Susie gets some background on Danen’s new songs:

The Song that Set Us Free
This song came out of Danen’s own struggle with depression.

“You feel like God has forgotten you or people have forgotten you. It’s very easy to believe those whispers. But God has not forgotten me. One day I will experience true freedom with Him, in His presence.”

I Miss You
Danen shares that this song came out of a painful breakup he had years ago. God is our Rock even when relationships end, or we lose a loved one, or a financial hurdle is thrown into our path.

One Step Ahead

“I couldn’t tell what God was doing. I couldn’t see in front of me. He was good even when I didn’t feel it and He had a purpose in what I was going through. I have this simple plea – change me into what You want.”

No Words
The single off Flesh and Soul.

“Job, David, and Paul all went through difficult seasons. A lot of times we feel like God is punishing us. He asks us to go through those seasons to see if we will still say that He is good. Is our worship based on His character or is it based on if we’re getting what we want?”

Love Song – A song based on God’s character and unconditional love.

Key Scriptures: Romans 12:1-2; Micah 7:8

Highlight : The story behind “The Song that Set Us Free”

The artist’s corner: Danen Kane