“Angel choir sing Hallelujah
God’s redeeming love proclaim
Let thy church, in every nation,
Sing the glory of Thy name.” 

There is beauty and awesomeness to be found in the old songs and hymns, especially those that were written for Advent. Singer-songwriter Aaron Shust wanted to recapture that same feeling in his Christmas album,  .

“I wanted to have a song that sounded very majestic, very epic and very old.”

Aaron sheds light on the inspiration behind one of his favorite songs,  .

“My bass player, a couple of years ago, gave me for a birthday gift an old hymnal. And I was rifling through this hymnal and it didn’t even have titles of this of any of the songs. There was a children’s carol in the Advent section. I started reading through the lyrics and I thought these lyrics are incredible.”

Aaron wrote a new melody for the song and tweaked some of the lyrics at the end. A previously unnamed Christmas carol was transformed and reintroduced.

“No more sadness now, nor fasting,
Now we put our grief away;
God came down, the Everlasting,
Taking human flesh today.
God came down on earth a stranger,
Working out his mighty plan
God was cradled in a manger,
Very God and very man.”  

Key Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 32:8Isaiah 9:6Ezekiel 37:26-28

Highlight : The story behind “Advent Carol”

Podcast: Artist’s Corner with Aaron Shust

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