Dr. Gary Chapman says that learning your wife’s love language is like perfecting a golf swing. He joins Susie on the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise to walk men through the five languages and offers tips for learning to love your wife better.

Gary starts by outlining two important issues men face – anger and crafting apologies.

“All of us struggle with how to handle anger because we didn’t have good models for how to do it. Real men must apologize or they will never have a good marriage relationship. You don’t have to be perfect to have a good marriage but you do have to deal with your failures.”

In dealing with anger and learning to apologize while applying the five love languages, a man will be well on his way to a healthy marriage.

Dr. Chapman explains why this is necessary before walking through each love language. “You have to learn to express love in the emotional language of the other person or they don’t get it.”

1. Words of affirmation

2. Acts of service

3. Gifts

4. Quality time

5. Physical touch

Gary issues a stern warning for men to be careful in this pursuit of their wives.

“If we are speaking their love language in order to get what we want, then it ceases to be love. It’s manipulation.”

Where does the “golf swing” come into play? Dr. Chapman says learning this language, much like learning a new golf swing, takes time and may start with unlearning old patterns. The end goal is a strong healthy relationship that is safe for both people and draws them closer together.

Gary’s new book is . You can find the second half of this program here: One more try.

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 41:10

Featured Songs: Shoulders by For King & Country

Highlight : Love languages – an overview

The 5 love languages – for men

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