Virtuous the film is a multi-plot story of the lives of women told through a courtroom drama. The film is based, in part, on stories from The Potter’s House for Women which ministers to women who are facing incarceration and release. The underscoring theme of Virtuous is:

‘Failure is an event; it’s not the person.’

This is the fourth family-friendly movie from JC Films. The film stars Erik Estrada, best known for his leading role in the television series CHiPs. This is the fifth faith-based film Estrada has done in the past two years. The film also features America’s first female Prisoner of War, PFC Jessica Lynch and America’s only rescued POW since WWII.

Also featured:

Brandy Allison, a Top 10 Contemporary Christian recording artist.
Kera O’Bryon, an Emmy nominated actress.
Angelita Nelson, from the film ‘Courageous.’
Kelly Bowling, a Grammy Award Winning Christian artist.
Erin Bethea, from the faith-based film ‘Fireproof.’
Eliot Sloan, the lead singer of ‘Blessid Union of Souls’.
Ben Davies, from the film ‘Courageous.’

Pam Jenkins is writing a devotional based on the story’s themes which will be released along with the movie on Mother’s Day. We talked with Pam about her own journey, as well as addressing the issues of faith that can help each of us become virtuous regardless of the problems of our past.

Virtuous Film: Failure is an Event, Not a Person