Michael Rydelnik is an author, traveler, professor of Jewish studies at the Moody Bible Institute, and editor of a new one-volume commentary on the whole Bible. Dr. Rydelnik returns to help us see the big picture of God’s plans and purposes, by more fully understanding the setting of the scriptures, the authors, and the audience.

Michael hosts an open-phone lines program fielding Bible questions.  Of all the questions he’s been asked, he points out the most common:

• Who were the sons of God and daughters of men?
• Was Jesus really in the grave for three days and three nights?
• Was the flood a universal flood?
• Is it important to understand Hebrew if we’re going to be reading the Old Testament?

Listen as Michael fields questions on a range of topics:

• How to choose and read different Bible translations (including the New American Standard, the New International Version, the Holman Christian version, and the Message paraphrase).
• What Paul is referring to when he describes the “mystery” in Ephesians.
• The Old Testament prophecies that refer to Jesus.
• The verses in Deuteronomy that address laws involving women, sex, uncleanness, and marriage.

Michael also describes his own journey from Judaism to Christianity – when he realized he couldn’t earn his own salvation, he came to see Jesus as his Messiah and the source of his forgiveness. His own heart transformation lead him to share his faith urgently with others, especially those who are Jewish.

To download and study the commentaries from the books of Daniel and Romans, sign up through the commentary website today!

Highlight – Understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible

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