Presidents’ Day is set aside each year to remember the accomplishments of our nation’s leaders, primarily George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Noted speaker, author, and leadership coach Stephen Mansfield joins us to talk leadership, influence, and faith. Mansfield has written more than a dozen books on the faith of our presidents and the character traits that lead to greatness.

What do we make of the American presidents who claimed faith in Christ?  In the words of our guest,”People fundamentally live according to what they believe.” Stephen points out that you can see the heart of a leader by looking at how they lead and the difficulties they endure.

Stephen has spent much time looking at the “full body” of the lives of many presidents. He was granted access to former president George W. Bush and current president Barack Obama, which led to the publishing of The Faith of George W. Bush and The Faith of Barack Obama. The greatness of a leader comes down to the ability to endure difficulty” and offer the world deep and powerful things because they themselves have walked through suffering. Leadership takes grit and knowing the values on which you’ll run your life. Run for public office expecting that every day in leadership will be a battle, and that God will give you courage and fortitude.

How can we see the true heart of a politician? Stephen says, understand where they came from. Look at how they lived their early years and the journey of their faith. Read biographies on the men and women who are pursuing the White House and ask God for wisdom and discernment in whom to support. Ultimately, we need to overcome a sense that we’re “electing God” by putting a Christian in leadership. God is sovereign over public office and He will accomplish His purposes by working through every leader who is elected.

Listen as Stephen unpacks the faith journeys of great men in history:

Abraham Lincoln

Winston Churchill

George Washington

Harry Truman

Highlight – Traits of greatness

Traits of greatness

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